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About Us

Project Hope CA (PHCA) was founded in 2018 as a grassroots initiative by the executive director, co-founder, and a team of dedicated volunteers. Our mission was to bridge the gap between community members in neighborhoods affected by violence and their local resources.

Today, we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving Pomona and the San Gabriel Valley. We’ve since grown to include various programs and partnerships to provide support and healing for individuals affected by incarceration, violence, and trauma. Our work focuses on two core areas: Reentry Services and Community Engagement.

"When I first got out (from incarceration), I had nowhere to go and felt hopeless. I couldn’t find work with a record. But Project Hope accepted me and walked me through the whole process. Thanks to them, I now have my high school diploma and a steady job. I also start college in a few months. Everyone who’s rebuilding their life after incarceration needs a program like Project Hope."

- Program Participant

Reentry Services

Our reentry programs provide economic stability and social support to returning citizens through job training and employment opportunities, postsecondary education, mentoring, intensive case management, and supportive services. In addition, we provide a community of support where participants experience a sense of belonging and culture of care.

Community Engagement Initiatives

We organize local monthly resource events (CommUNITY Pull-Ups) and larger annual resource events (Hope Fests) throughout Pomona. These events bring together a wide array of local resource providers, including community-based organizations, mental health services, government agencies, schools, colleges, healthcare providers, victim services, substance treatment options, legal assistance, and more. These events serve as platforms for Pomona community members to easily access vital resources and connect with diverse support networks.

In addition, as part of our community engagement initiatives, PHCA collaborated with the Los Angeles County Office of Violence Prevention and Rising Communities to establish two Community Action for Peace (CAP) coalitions, one in Pomona and the other in the Puente Valley.

The CAP coalitions bring together diverse stakeholders, including community members, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, schools, and government agencies, to find solutions to pressing issues related to violence, provide safe spaces for healing, and drive sustainable change through community-led strategies. To learn more about the CAP coalitions, please visit


We envision a world where violence is driven out by peace, equity, and opportunities for advancement; a world where every person, especially the marginalized and forgotten, thrives.


We support individuals impacted by violence and incarceration through mentorship, reentry services, and community engagement.


We are committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment where everyone’s voice is celebrated and welcomed.

We value and embrace the diversity within our team, partners, and the communities we serve, actively working to foster an organizational culture of safety, inclusion, and belonging. We are committed to addressing disparities experienced by those we serve and promoting equity for historically marginalized groups.

In addition, we value the input and feedback of our participants, and we actively incorporate their perspectives into our program development and activities as a core practice of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that by creating opportunities for our participants to share their thoughts, ideas, and lived experiences, we can better understand their unique needs and tailor our programs to be more responsive and inclusive.

We continuously examine our practices, policies, and programs to ensure inclusivity, accessibility, and equity for our team, participants, and partners.

Our Team

Roberta Espinoza

Co-Founder / Executive Director

Armando Torreblanca

Associate Executive Director

Jaime Espinoza

Co-Founder / Director of Community Relations

Aida Escobar, M.S.

Research Consultant / Program Strategist

Raymon Becerra

Care Advocate

Brookelynn Maddox, MSW

Violence Prevention Coalition Coordinator

Lucy Ramos

Outreach Specialist

Eddie Anguiano

College & Career Coach


Administrative Assistant

Jason Chico

Program Support (Volunteer)


Program Assistant


Youth Ambassador


Youth Ambassador

Our Board

Joe Louis Hernandez, Ph.D.

Director of Rising Scholars at Mt. San Antonio College

Patricia Lozano, MBA

Senior Director of University Relations at California University of Science and Medicine

Martin Mantilla


Cecilia Mantilla


Cristian Gutierrez


Jesus Venegas

CEO of Nocturnal Life Entertainment LLC

Our Partners
Latino Coalition for Community Leadership