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CommUNITY Pull-Ups/Resource Events

CommUNITY Pull-Ups/Resource Events

We are passionate about strengthening community relationships and providing access to critical resources for community members. Through our community engagement initiatives, we organize monthly “CommUNITY Pull-Ups” and “Hope Fests” to connect residents in areas affected by violence to local resources.

By providing these resources, we address the root causes of violence, enhancing access to essential services, improving social conditions, and empowering community members with knowledge to reduce the occurrence of violence.

Our monthly “CommUNITY Pull-Up” events in Pomona serve as platforms to bridge the gap between residents and the wealth of local community resources available to them. In collaboration with our diverse community partners, we bring together a comprehensive array of free resources and services.

At these events, attendees can access an extensive range of free resources, including but not limited to haircuts, food security referrals, clothing, career and employment guidance, sanitation supplies, basic toiletries, health care screenings and immunizations, housing referrals, victim services, legal assistance, substance treatment options, and admissions representatives from various colleges and their programs. Our partners encompass nonprofit organizations, grassroots advocacy groups, healthcare providers, government agencies, and local colleges.

We believe that these events should be accessible to all community members, particularly those who are most in need. That is why our community engagement initiatives are open and free of charge. We welcome individuals from all walks of life, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and supported. Together, we strive to create a strong and connected community, empowering individuals with resources to thrive!

To learn more about our Community Engagement initiatives or to get involved, contact us.